Audio/Video formats

Jonathan Day (
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 22:43:23 +0000

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that the commercial version
of CU-SeeMe could handle multicating. I don't remember seeing,
though, any mention of being able to transmit or receive anything
other than CU-SeeMe audio or video. Given the wide range of audio
and video tools about, especially for multicast, does anyone know
if there's any plans to get them talking to each other?

On a slightly non-CU-SeeMe topic, does anyone know if NV is still
being developed, or if it's been abandoned? It's one of the few
Unix video tools that talk to reflectors, but it relies on ancient
tcl and tk libraries. I already need to have two different sets
installed already. A third will kill the hard disk.