Re: Videoconferncing with Netscape's web browser

Jonathan Day (
Wed, 06 Mar 1996 16:06:06 +0000

Greg Brown wrote:
> MacWeek sez they are hitting the tanning salons in anticpation
> of a Q2 release of an Apple QuickTime Conferncing plug in for
> Netscape's Navigator 2.0. I don't know what all it will support,
> but there are alot of web browsers out there. QT does support color.

So does nv, vic, CU-Seeme for Windows and maybe half a dozen other
videoconferencing programs. Colour is old-hat now.

> Good news for Connectrix, maybe not so good for White pine, but it
> could actuall boost sales, depending on how it works.

I doubt it'll make the blindest bit of difference, to be honest. It's
an old, old story in computing - companies sacrificing compatiability
in favour of new features. Anyone here own an old Sirius PC? Anyone
here ever /see/ an old Sirius PC? The existing packages are slowly
converging, with interpreters being added for each other's formats.
Unless QuickTime conferencing can provide something totally new that
nothing else can do, it'll vanish.

> Is the Internet gonna slow down?

The Internet will slow down anyway and eventually reach a point of
dynamic equilibrium.