Re: Multiple Conections... Propositions..

Laurent-David HASSON (
Wed, 06 Mar 1996 16:12:28 -0500

At 19:38 03/05/96 -0500, Alain Caillet wrote:
>At 16:32 5/3/96 -0800, Bill Ryan ( wrote:
>...Hi Laurent,
>...What you have suggested is already being considered for a future release.
>...As of now, I don't have a date when these capabilities will be available.
>...Keep those suggestions coming,
>...>- How hard would it be to let several people conect to me in a unicast,
>...>is, they can all see me, but they can't see each others (don't tell me to
>...>get a ref, this is not an option now because i have only one machine, and
>...>one IP address)
>...>- How hard would it be to be able to connect to several refs at the
same time?
>Nothing new for Ver 0.84B7 !!
>The Cornell version of CU-SeeMe ver 0.84B7 has been able to
>do that for sometime, in fact all Cornell version have done that.
>The chat also works that way....
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Really???? How can i do it then? Each time i am with someone, and someone
else want to conect with me, i have to kill the first connection in order to
do anything with the other... 2 people cannot connect to me at the same time.

What do i do wrong?