Clickable CU-SeeMe links don't work.

Michael A. Lowry (
Fri, 8 Mar 96 01:09:27 -0600

Okay. I thought I could figure this out all by myself, but I've come to
a dead end.

Here's my setup:

Power Macintosh 8500/120 with 256 Kb L2 Cache, 16 Mb RAM, 2 Gb HD
USR 14.4 Kbps Dual Standard Modem
Hitachi camcorder

System 7.5.3 (developer release S11... relatively stable)
Open Transport 1.1b16 (from Apple's FTP site. The docs say it includes a
fix for CU-SeeMe)
MacSLIP 3.0.3 (latest version...I'm connecting using MacSLIP's PPP
capability...YES, PPP)
Netscape Navigator 2.0
CU-SeeMe 0.83b3 (PPC)

Here's my problem:
Although it is slow, CU-SeeMe works fine most of the time, but I can only
open connections using Cmd-K. When I click on a reflector URL in
Navigator, it saves the reflector info in a text file on my drive and
launches CU-SeeMe. Then, nothing. It doesn't seem to recognize the
file. Does CU-SeeMe even support opening such files, or does it require
that Navigator send the reflector info via AppleEvents?

I have read about the idea of changing the tn3270 application to
CU-SeeMe, but that would only work where people had entered the CU-SeeMe
HREF info as a tn3270 URL. Furthermore, this option seems crude. Is
there something I might be doing wrong? Why Netscape doesn't support and
use Internet Config is beyond comprehension.

I guess I'd like to know if Navigator 2.0 supports CU-SeeMe URLs, and if
not, what my other opetions are.


Michael A. Lowry