Re: Installing CU-SeeMe under OS/2 Warp Connect

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>I need some help and maybe it just can't be done yet. Has anyone been able to successfully run CU-SeeMe under OS/2 Warp Connect? I got it to install ok, but I get the message "Gethostbyname() failed (11001)" when I run it. I've tried all of the suggestions in the Online Help and README files. No Luck. I'm guessing it's a problem with the virtual Winsock driver that comes with the TCP/IP in Warp Connect. With that in mind, I'm also contacting IBM for a possible fix in case anybody else is interested. Here's my Internet enviroment for anyone who wants a challenge.
> IBM OS/2 Warp Connect 3.0 Fullpack (Win-OS2, not Windows)
> IBM TCP/IP 3.0 (full stack from Warp Connect)
> 28.8 PPP connection w/dynamic address assignment
>I have been successfull at running other Windows TCP/IP apps with this configuration, so I know the Winsock driver is installed and functioning.
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I've been running CU under Warp Connect and WINOS\2 in seemless sessions
as follows.

Check your Virtual TCP setup for dos and winos2

config.sys should have the following statements

device= <drive><path> vdostcp.vdd
device= <drive><path> vdostcp.sys
run= <drive><path> vdosctl.exe

with the above you now should have vdostcp.sys listed in your dos\win
session dos_device settings

In your Winos2 session autoexec.bat file put

set etc=<drive><path>

where <drive><path> point to the location of your HOSTS file, the default
for this is <drive>:\mptn\etc NB it needs editing!

Edit the hosts file with a line: your machine host name <cr>

ie loopy

As a final check make sure the path to winsock.dll is also in the path
statement in your winos2 session autoexec.bat.

Now with a bit of luck you might not get those nasty error messages<g>.

Hope this helps,
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