Re: CU-SeeMe via modem to modem (MAC)

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Fri, 08 Mar 1996 10:12:05 -0800 wrote:
> My apologies (regarding my question about using CU-SeeMe
> via a straight modem to modem conection); thanks for the info, but I
> forgot to mention that I am using a Mac with MacTCP and a control
> panel called 'Config PPP'. Any body Know a scheme using this
> configuration?

I'm sorry my troubleshooting is so "PC-biased" (kind'a hard when you don't
speak "MacIntosh!).
In the "Windows 3.1/95 world", we *would* use Trumpet WinSock, but for the
"Mac world", I'll use "ConfigPPP" as an example.
When configuring "ConfigPPP", you should have an option for your ISP's phone
number. Just use your remote end's number. The remote end will want to set
his "ConfigPPP" software to somehow "manually dial". In this mode, have the
remote end issue the Hayes modem command for "auto-answer".
Keep in mind that I do not know the properties of your ISP connect software,
so I'm giving you the "theories" on what you need to do! Basically, you are
seeing each other as an ISP!

Hope this helps, let me know what happens,
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