Re: Using the CHAT window

Darrell Kitchen (
Fri, 08 Mar 1996 16:58:15 -0600

> Subject: Using the CHAT window
> Date: Fri, 8 Mar 96 16:18:04 UT
> From: "Marcos Ferreira" <>
>Hi all:
>I have a question for the experts. I'm using the Cornell version W0.84B7, and
>I can connect to other people (sometimes) and reflectors (sometimes). They
>all see me, and I can see them. However, when using the CHAT window, no one
>can see the text that I enter, and I can see the conversations going on. I
>can also send text printed to my image, and people see that.
>Any hints of what could be wrong? Thank you in advance for your replies.
>Marcos Ferreira

Greetings Marcos:

Don't know if this means anything or not, but I have found that often times others in
the chat windows tend to ignore others they are not in a direct conversation with.
Don't feel that there is something wrong with your chat window if this is the case,
but in the same vain, don't overlook the other possibilities that you may be having
software/application problems as well.