Re: Problems Galore!!!!

Brian O'Shea (
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 12:47:55 -0500

>I have Enhanced CuSEEME 2.0. I use a PC with 8ram and vga 256 color
>graphics. My PC is a 486, 66mhz. My modem is 28.8 with a ppp connection.
>I am able to connect to very few relectors. When I do connect, if there
>are more than four or five people on the ref, I can't get any image on my
>screen. I am only a lurker at this time (I can't justify a camera until
>I can get this much working). If I do get on a ref with only a few
>people, the image is VERY slow to come, constantly cuts in and out and
>there is little to no fluidity. My usual fps is 0. Packets lost is always
>far more than packets received. I have set my min reception rate at 10
>or less and max at 28. Any help to get this program working would be

Have you tried connecting to the White Pine reflector(, and connect to
the "Modem Users conference" (1). It's configured for Maximum transmit/receive of
28, so nobody can flood you with data, and it's limited to 5 senders and 3 lurkers,
so you don't get the overhead associated with a large number of clients. If
nobody's there, try connecting to conferene 0, don't open a bunch of windows, so you
don't get flooded with more data then you can handle, and use Chat to ask someone to
move over so you can test.


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