Re: more servers?

Brad (
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 15:13:16 -0800

milk wrote:
> Hi, I am quite new to the cu-seeme bit, and I tried getting on the serv=
> which it listed- but none of the ip#'s worked. Are there any reflectors=
> there for the public, or for school students that I can get onto? If so=
> would it be possible for anybody to send me personally the ip#'s for th=
em? I
> dont think that I am part of the mailing list yet, so that is why I am
> asking that the #'s are sent directly to me. Thanks ALOT! a new user- =
milk :)
> =F0I share your fustration. There are several web sites offering lists =
servers. The question I would like to pose to the readers of this column=20
is: Can someone recommend a reflector that is actually dependably active?=
The only one I have found is the NASA-TV connection.=20