Re: How do you incorporate into cuseeme ini file

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 19:37:08 -0600

At 07:37 PM 3/10/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Mr. Woodland, Saw your e-mail providing a reflector list. How does one
>incorporate it (once I fix the UT address) into the cuseeme ini file? Thanks
>Disclaimer: I have not researched any of these issues and the statements
>made herein should not be relied for a legal position, but are mere
>excursions of opinion.
>Julie Roess-Smith Crivello, Esq.

If you are on a Macintosh, you will need to download the MAC format list
from my web page, since the MAC uses a different format than the PC.

If you are on a PC, use NOTEPAD to edit the list, and highlight the entire
list (once the UT link is corrected) and click on Edit/Copy. Then do
File/Save to save the corrected list to disk. At this point, the list is
also in the clipboard, so use NOTEPAD to edit the cuseeme.ini file, go to
the [MRU] section and delete the entries that you might want to delete, then
go to the end of the existing entries and click on Edit/Paste. This will
paste my list into the end of yours. Be sure to renumber any entries
necessary, because CU-seeMe doesn't seem to like entries with the same
numbers on them.

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