general help

David I. Sommers, Ph.D. (
Sun, 10 Mar 1996 21:00:03 -0500

Hi. I am a clinical psychologist running a website on which I am =
exploring alternative ways of providing services to people. I have =
experimented with CUSeeMe for awhile and cannot get satisfactory =
results. I run a Pentium 100 mhz, 16 megs ram, and 288 modem connection. =
On any reflector I have never gotten audio. The pictures I get are =
fractured, i.e., missing pixels, no movement. I have put off buying a =
quickcam until I can at least receive stable pictures and audio. Here =
are my questions:

1. given the mission of the cuseeme team an application like mine seems =
to fit as I am trying to make mental health services more widely =
accessible - feedback on this?

2. is cuseeme really a mature enough product so that people who are not =
computer savvy will be able to set it up to work - I have not been able =
to and at least think I know something.

3. how do Connectix videophone or Intel proshare compare. I have heard =
that proshare will come out with a288 version this year for under $400.

4. MOST of all - any suggestions about how I can get cuseeme to work!?

David I. Sommers, Ph.D