connect but disconnect after 2-3 min
Sun, 10 Mar 96 23:34:37 PST

A friend and I both have 28.8, and CU b7. I am running on Win 3.11
and she is using Win 95. I have a P90 with 4mb vram video etc. She
has a packard bell 425SX upgraded with a pentium overdrive. We had
trouble getting her CU to work- I will post our solutions tomorrow
for others.

We can connect just fine but after 2-3 minutes I get the messages
she has timed out and she sees I am diconnecting from her. I have
also tried using enhanced CU on my end. I know this was talked
about a few weeks ago but I dont remember the solution. I use my
CU both b7 and enhanced frequently so I dont think its my end.
I do still need to get her on a reflector to see if she has the same
problem there.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Damon Grace
3/10/96 - 11:34:37 PM
DOS, Windows 3.11, OS/2 WARP, and coming soon- LINUX!