Survey and plug-ins

Alessandro Barabesi (
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 16:22:10 +0100

Hi all!
Ten days ago I posted a questionnaire
about PCs configurations used for
running CU-SeeMe.
The questionnaire and the first results of the survey are
now available at :

I have received only 30 replies so If you are a PC user
PLEASE fill the questionnaire. If you can't connect to the
web page use the copy enclosed in this message.

I'm also writing some plug-ins for CU-SeeMe. You can find
a short description of them at the same url. I would very much
like your opinion about them.

Thank you very much


+ Questionnaire +


Video card:

Audio card:

TCP/IP driver:

CU-SeeMe version:

Windows version:

Type of internet connection:

Camera/Video source (or LURKER):



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