Cu-seeme with FAST FPS 60

Giovanni Schembra (
Mon, 11 Mar 96 19:24:56 +0100

Dear CU-SeeMe Developers and experts,

I have retrieved some mounthes ago the CU-SeeMe version W 0.70.

I have some problem in using this software in capturing video images.
When CU-SeeMe starts, a window with my name appears on the monitor, but it
visualizes only a sort of snow. I have tried to set the parameters in the
FILE MENU relative to the video source, but without success.

My video digitizer is the FPS 60 (FAST Multimedia AG)

My Operating System is Windows'95.

Is it possible that CU-SeeMe doesn't work with FPS 60, or with Windows 95.

Have you some suggestion for me?!?

Waiting your answer,

best regards

Giovanni Schembra

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