Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95

Jonathan Day (
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 22:02:36 +0000

Lee Byung Seo wrote:
> You don't need Trumpet Winsock in Win95 for TCP/IP, I think.
> Win95 supports a standard TCP/IP.
> Why you want install Trumpet Winsock in Win95 ?

Weeellll, standard is as standard goes and I have a feeling that
Microsoft's PPP driver is not entirely standard. It refuses point
blank to talk to anything other than another Windows box, which
rather spoils the dial-in line I have, which uses Linux and pppd.

If the original questioner (or anyone else!) can get Trumpet's
winsock to work in Win95, I'd like to know. I read the info on
Trumpet's site, but Win95 obviously hadn't as it refused to
recognise that winsock even existed.