Re: PowerPC 5200/6200/6300

U2 (
Mon, 11 Mar 96 16:51:10 -0500

>Is anyone using a PowerPC 5200/6200/6300 with the video add in board to
>send video? I need to recommend a Mac for my Parents to buy who are
>about 4000 miles away and want to see their grand kids grow up. I need
>to make sure that the system I recommend can send and receive video and
>audio. Is anyone using the above stated Macs with success? Yes,No,Maybe?
> If not, I'll gladly listen to other Mac hardware recommendations. Their
>budget is around $2000.00

Piece of cake! I am using a color camera I bought for $75. The guy that
is in the cube behind me uses a cam corder on his machine.

[to beat a dead horse] Just waiting for them folks to get around to the
enhanced Mac version for color. . . . .


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