PowerPC 5200/6200/6300

Dan Simonson (dans@iea.com)
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 19:54:15 -0800

Richard Potter writes:

>Is anyone using a PowerPC 5200/6200/6300 with the video add in board to
>send video? I need to recommend a Mac for my Parents to buy who are
>about 4000 miles away and want to see their grand kids grow up. I need
>to make sure that the system I recommend can send and receive video and
>audio. Is anyone using the above stated Macs with success? Yes,No,Maybe?
> If not, I'll gladly listen to other Mac hardware recommendations. Their
>budget is around $2000.00

My daughter and I connected with ease. She has a Mac Performa 476, with 12
megs of RAM. I have a Mac 8500 with 48 megs of RAM. She has a Connectix
QuicCam connected to her printer serial port, which she uses for both audio
and video. I have my video camera hooked into the 8500's video and audio
inputs. It works great! We both have 28,800 modems, very important, and
PPP connections. So I would think that with the QuickCam and just about
any newly purchased Mac (with enough RAM, that might be a problem) you
should get a great picture.

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