RE: Enhanced Chat...

Gustavo (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 02:41:44 -0300

I agree with you, John.. but sometimes the person behind the camera
doesn't know what IRC is.. 8)))

Not to mention the fact to being connected to the same server, load
mIRC and CUSeeMe at the same time etc... 8)

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

From: John W. Osborne[]
Sent: Martes, Marzo 12, 1996 08:40 AM
Subject: RE: Enhanced Chat...


I usually use the best of both worlds, and keep a "private" IRC channel open to chat with
the person I want to speak with.


From: Gustavo (SodA) Ruiz[]
Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 1996 6:57
Subject: Enhanced Chat... it possible to 'enhance' the Chat with things like private
messages, different channels and more commands like IRC?

I'm new to this list and I try to read as much as I can about
this topics but it seems there's no information on this 8)

You surely note that when you found a person that is the
kind of you want to keep on contact you don't will be able
to tell him/her your e-mail address because theres a lot
of people seeing what you write... 8)

If this is possible at this moment, please tell me! Thanks!!!

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz