Problem with Mac 8500/120 and CU-SeeMe Video Input

Pat Ridge (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 12:43:58 +0100

Hello CU-SeeMe Discussion List!

We are an American High School in Stuttgart, Germany and we have been
using CU-SeeMe successfully for over one year. We now have two new
Power Macintosh 8500/120 computers with the AppleVision 1710 monitors.
Wow! We're running the new Apple System 7.5.3 and we are having
problems with getting CU-SeeMe to send video. Does anyone know how to
get our new machines to recognize the video input for CU-SeeMe?

Our Apple Video Player works just fine.

Thanks for any help on this problem.

-Pat Ridge
Patch American High School
Stuttgart, Germany