Re: Win 95 Dialler

Herman Rouge Willett (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 05:49:14

Oh so true. Once you use Win95 dialup networking, you wonder why
you ever bothered with trumpet.

>I have seen postings the last couple of days regarding the Win 95
>dialler vs. the Trumpet Winsock. As a Tech Suport Rep. for an ISP
>I can assure you that the Dialup Networking on the Win 95 is far
>superior than Trumpet ever thought about being. I left my Trumpet
>and my Win. 3.1 very reluctantly but was so impressed with the dialup
>network aspect that I wouldn't use anything else.
>As far as Win 3.1x is concerned Trumpet is good. But if you are not
>using the PPP with Win 95 you aren't getting half of your monies

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