Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95

Herman Rouge Willett (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 05:33:04

I have on a couple of machines for people who wanted to use their
old config. (Then have un-installed it for these same people a
few weeks later.)

The details basically are renaming the current winsock.dll to
something else, such as wsock.dll, then installint tcpman, etc. as
normally you would. Then simply exicuting tcpman.exe with inboard
ppp active.

To uninstall successfully, delete the trumpet directory (or what
ever you called it at install) and rename the wsock.dll back to

As I've said, this has worked successfully several times.
Personally I like the built-in dial up networking better than I do
trumpet, although I still run it on two of my 3.11 and one 3.1
machine here at home.


>Hi all,
>Is there anybody who installed Trumpet WinSock in Win95 (instead of
>Microsoft's standard software)? What is (step by step) to do?
>Any hint I would appreciate!
>Karl-Heinz email:

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