Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95

Herman Rouge Willett (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 05:46:07

I've used the default windows PPP drivers to talk to other windows
boxes, cisco 25xx series routers over the async PPP ports,
Lantronix PPP servers, Shiva PPP dial in servers, several other
boxes. Including a 3.0 windows box using trumpet.

Works well for me. PPP is PPP and TCP/IP is TCP/IP. Any
deviation will not be PPP or TCP/IP, but something else.

>Lee Byung Seo wrote:
>> You don't need Trumpet Winsock in Win95 for TCP/IP, I think.
>> Win95 supports a standard TCP/IP.
>> Why you want install Trumpet Winsock in Win95 ?
>Weeellll, standard is as standard goes and I have a feeling that
>Microsoft's PPP driver is not entirely standard. It refuses point
>blank to talk to anything other than another Windows box, which
>rather spoils the dial-in line I have, which uses Linux and pppd.
>If the original questioner (or anyone else!) can get Trumpet's
>winsock to work in Win95, I'd like to know. I read the info on
>Trumpet's site, but Win95 obviously hadn't as it refused to
>recognise that winsock even existed.

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