Re: TCP/IP stacks

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 09:00:34 -0800

John W. Osborne wrote:
> I think I detect a little anti-Microsoft bias there, as well as some inaccuracy.
> For your information, I've used W95's TCP/IP stack to connect to
> Linux, Unix, Tandem, as well as NT boxes. No problem.
> At least not with W95's stack.
> As for using the Trumpet stack (can't imagine why you'd want to unless
> you have a bizarre requirement for raw sockets), read the doco again.
> On the other hand, if you were having trouble with W95's stack, the
> entire TCP/IP exercise sounds like it is beyond you. Better get a
> a friend to help.

Let me ask you this; can you get Win95 to dial into a SLIP provider without
any PAP or CHAP...? I've seen Win95's dialer in action, and it does work as
you previously mentioned.
BUT... With all of Win95's power, it still lacks the well-rounded abilities
that Trumpet provides.
I prefer both, each has their uses with particular situations. Mine is to
connect to my workcenter's dedicated modem bank using Trumpet and SLIP without
PAP. The other is to use Win95 for my PPP (w/PAP) connection to my ISP at
Now, does this *quell* future Trumpet vs. Win95 arguments, once and for all?

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