RE: Trumpet WinSock and Win95

John W. Osborne (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 06:31:33 +-1000


I'd probably have to disagree with you. A not-insignificant number of questions/problems
that people have with using CUSEEME (note that I said -using- CUSEEME) involve underlying
TCP/IP stack setup problems. The dreaded -gethostbyname() error being a prime candidate.
Would you have us just ignore someone's question all together?
The person having a problem may mistakenly assume that the problem lies with CUSEEME
and stop using a great product.
I will defer to the collective will of the group.


From: Andrew Germaine[]
Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 1996 19:18
Subject: Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95

Can we please move this OFF of the CU-SEEME mailing list? Its not appropriate
and generating too much mail. Its turning into a flame-fest/discussion of its
own. I'm there theres a newsgroup for it while there isnt one for CUSEEME!
Just My Humble Opinion. I could be wrong.

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