Acadia (Ipswitch) Stack.

Chafik Hankour (
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 16:41:00 -0500 (EST)

Hi all-

I checked most CuSeeMe webpages, went through the FAQs and still
can't get it to work, here is my problem:

I installed CuSeeMe on a PC connected to a Banyan Vines network and
running windows 3.11, this PC also has Ipswitch's acadia installed to
run winsock clients (through the winsockd program). This PC is set to
bootp and _does_ have a hostname, when I run CuSeeMe I get the error
message :

GetHostName() failed (10000)

I assumed that it can't reach the DNS, then I decided to try
the hosts file trick, I edited the file (there is only one file, it's
in the same directory as the winsock.dll file and is in the path). and
added the IP address and the hostname (tried both hostname with the full
hostname with the domain name and without), still doesn't work. All other
winsock clients work including netscape. I have tried everything documented
in the FAQs but nothing worked, I even tried a different machine without
any luck, although it was easy to set up with a win95 stack and trumpet
winsock. Has anyone experienced a similar problem, can it be solved or is
it something that's never going to work ?

Thanks for any help.

Chafik Hankour.