[Fwd: Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95]

Brian Silverman (briguy@telis.org)
Tue, 12 Mar 1996 23:21:29 +0000

John W. Osborne wrote:
> Andrew....
> I'd probably have to disagree with you. A not-insignificant number of questions/problems
> that people have with using CUSEEME (note that I said -using- CUSEEME) involve underlying
> TCP/IP stack setup problems. The dreaded -gethostbyname() error being a prime candidate.
> Would you have us just ignore someone's question all together?
> The person having a problem may mistakenly assume that the problem lies with CUSEEME
> and stop using a great product.
> I will defer to the collective will of the group.
> John
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> From: Andrew Germaine[SMTP:andrewg@carfax.ims.advantis.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, 12 March 1996 19:18
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> Subject: Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95
> Can we please move this OFF of the CU-SEEME mailing list? Its not appropriate
> and generating too much mail. Its turning into a flame-fest/discussion of its
> own. I'm there theres a newsgroup for it while there isnt one for CUSEEME!
> Just My Humble Opinion. I could be wrong.
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I think email should be divided into area of experience. Someone would
have to monitor all the email and classify it as either amateur or
experienced. And the email could easily be self monitered by
classifying it as PC questions and Mac questions. I know I delete most
PC questions before I'm a coulple of sentences into the email.

Brian Silverman