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John W. Osborne wrote:
> Sgt...
> What are we missing? Nothing that I can tell. One of my providers (IBM.NET)
> only offers SLIP accounts. Connecting to SLIP-only providers only involves
> installing the SLIP protocol (look on your WIN95 CD under ADMIN/APPTOOLS/SLIP
> and follow the instructions), and then selecting that instead of PPP as the
> connection type for that individual dialup networking icon.
> John
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> GREAT!!! I'll keep this in mind when I try connecting to my SLIP-only ISP
> who doesn't have Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
> What are we missing..?

Thanx for the info. Due to Win95 "decreasing" hard disk transfers, I had
Win95 removed! I'll try again when I get my Adaptech PCI SCSI-W board and a
5 Gb SCSI hard drive! Maybe, when I "fix" these I/O transfer problems, I'll
take the time to more *thoroughly* research my Win95 internet package BEFORE I

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