SXSW Music Awards Live

Jay Arden Ashcraft (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 18:33:52 -0600 (CST)

Subject: SXSW Music Awards Live tonight @ 7:55 PM Central

Hi all:

Perhaps an event posting might be in order:)

KVR-InterneTV 24/7/24 now located at <- make your changes as
necessary> which broadcasts MuchMusic USA most of the time, and the Austin
Music Network late nights,and Student productions usually prime time will:

Broadcast the South by SouthWest Music Awards Live via the Austin Music
Network TONIGHT Wednesday the 13th at 7:55 PM Sharp (Central Time).

7:55PM Central:
1995-96 AUSTIN MUSIC AWARDS SHOW (LIVE) Live from Palmer Auditorium in
downtown Austin, the first-ever live simulcast of the Austin Music Awards.

The show will be hosted by Paul Ray, as usual, and guest presenters
include Kerry Awn, Dominic Griffin, Sara Trexler, Jason Cohen, and Michael
Krugman. This year show will feature live musical performances by The
Asylum Street Spankers, Don Walser Pure Texas Band, Kris McKay Too
Many Girls with Kelly Willis, Abra Moore, & Sara Hickman, Sixteen Deluxe,
and the Ian Moore Band. Also featured will be Wayne,The Train, Hancock,
Miss Lavelle White, Dale Watson, and pre-show, Gerry Van King, the King of
Sixth Street.

Also,during SXSW you can tune in Thursday thru Sunday Noon to 4AM Central
for special programs featuring SXSW band videos from many of the SXSW
bands. A detailed schedule of the programming can be accessed via the
KVR-TV Web site to the Austin
Music Network link. SXSW multi-media/film/music festival info can be
accessed via

Have fun:)

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