Problem with QuickCam...

Darrell Kitchen (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 08:59:27 -0600

Gustavo (SodA) Ruiz wrote:
> Yesterday I received in my country (Uruguay) 2 Quickcams
> coming from Cyberian Outpost, the delivery was really fast!
> I ordered last 8 March and the price was US$ 100 each one...
> When arrived I start to test if they worked, the first I unpacked
> works pretty well but the other brings me the following message
> when I load Qmovie: 'QuickCam not plugged in, driver in use by
> another application, or parallel port in use by another device' it
> doesn't display any video...
> The facts are that the camera doesn't work... is not a problem
> of my machine (parallel or keyboard port) since the other camera
> works fine, my nickname is SodA so maybe you already had have
> a CuSeeMe session with me 8)
> I've sent mail to Cyberian, but I post a little mail here because maybe
> one of you knows whats going on, or maybe have this annoying message
> before and knows how to fix it... I checked the connections and everything
> is fine connected...
> Bring up the cameras to my country costs me about US$ 100 and now
> I don't know what would happen with the camera... what kind of support
> is supposed to be applied in this cases?...
> To send the broked camera cost me around US$ 50, and to get into
> my country again costs me around US$ 100 again... 8(
> Well, sorry for this mail... but I think that maybe some of you could
> have this problem before... thanks a lot to everybody!!!
> SodA - Gustavo Ruiz Montevideo URUGUAY (South America)


The problem with your second QuickCam may not be a broken camera. But, after
reading this, do not leave out that possibility.

It may be that when you disconnect the first QuickCam, you will need to turn off the
computer before plugging in the second cam. Yesterday I disconnected my
QuickCam from the computer at work, Today, however, I plugged it back in and
couldn't get anything. I ended up having to restart my computer in order to get it to
work correctly.

So, try turning off you computer before disconnecting and connecting any devices
before thinking you have faulty equipment.

Have fun!

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