Re: Problem with QuickCam...

Christoph P. Kukulies (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 15:54:38 +0100 (MET)

> Yesterday I received in my country (Uruguay) 2 Quickcams
> coming from Cyberian Outpost, the delivery was really fast!
> I ordered last 8 March and the price was US$ 100 each one...
> When arrived I start to test if they worked, the first I unpacked
> works pretty well but the other brings me the following message
> when I load Qmovie: 'QuickCam not plugged in, driver in use by
> another application, or parallel port in use by another device' it
> doesn't display any video...

I received two quickcams as well two weeks ago and on one machine I got
this very message you are desribing. But I got this message
independently of which quickcam I connected to that PC.

I wanted to test it at another PC but due to some hardware
problems and resource unavailability I didn't have an occasion to
do that test.

> The facts are that the camera doesn't work... is not a problem
> of my machine (parallel or keyboard port) since the other camera
> works fine, my nickname is SodA so maybe you already had have
> a CuSeeMe session with me 8)
> I've sent mail to Cyberian, but I post a little mail here because maybe
> one of you knows whats going on, or maybe have this annoying message
> before and knows how to fix it... I checked the connections and everything
> is fine connected...
> Bring up the cameras to my country costs me about US$ 100 and now
> I don't know what would happen with the camera... what kind of support
> is supposed to be applied in this cases?...
> To send the broked camera cost me around US$ 50, and to get into
> my country again costs me around US$ 100 again... 8(
> Well, sorry for this mail... but I think that maybe some of you could
> have this problem before... thanks a lot to everybody!!!
> SodA - Gustavo Ruiz Montevideo URUGUAY (South America)

--Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies