Craig Kaplan (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 10:49:48 +0100

>Dear CU-SeeMe-L list subscribers,

PLEASE PRINT THIS set of instructions and KEEP IT handy!

>I. How to SEND A MESSAGE to the CU-SeeMe-L list, to be received by 850 subs=

---1. Address your message to
---2. Make up any subject title you wish.
---3. Type your message
---4. Send your message


---1. Find out the EXACT adress you originally subscribed (to this list)=
under (if you don't know, go to III. below and follow those instructions).=
Make sure this original address is typed in the FROM: field
---2. Address a message to: LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU
---3. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
---4. In the body of the message, type: UNSUB CU-SeeMe-L
---5. Send your message

>III.How to find out the Address You ORIGINALLY SUBSCRIBED under: ***Note:=
you will receive 4 or 5 mail files listing every single subscriber by the=
name and email address they subscribed under. They are NOT in alphabetical=
order - you may want to search for your name using an Editor such as MSWORD=

---1. Address a message to LISTPROC@CORNELL.EDU
---2. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
---3. In the body of the message, type ONLY: REVIEW CU-SEEME-L=20
---4. Send your message. Await a reply.

>IV. How to switch to the ANNOUNCE (CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L) list: ....and why=
would you want to? If you feel inundated in CU-SeeMe-L mail, you may want=
to consider joining the ANNOUNCE list, thereby receiving ***only****=
announcements from CU's CU-SeeMe developers.

---1. Address a message to
---2. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
---3. In the body of the message, type the following two lines: UNSUB CU-SE=
SUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L <firstname> <lastname>=20
---4. (make sure, in the above, that you put YOUR OWN first name and last=
name in the appropriate spots.
---5. Send your message.

V. How to SWITCH to the DIGEST format (consolidates the messages you get=
each day from this list):

---1. Address a message to
---2. In the FROM: field, type in the address you originally subscribed=
---3. (Leave the SUBJECT line BLANK!!!)
---4. Type the following in the body of the mail message: Set CU-SeeMe-L=
---5. Send your message

>**Note: the switch to DIGEST is only possible if you send your request from=
the address you originally subscribed from. See III. above to find out what=
your address is.

>VIII. REPLY to messages with caution!
>***************************************************** WARNING- .ALWAYS=
CHECK your header to see what Mail address is showing in the TO: field. Are=
you sending a personal reply accidentally to the entire list? *************=


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