Re: Lost packets

Alf Eisenberg (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:48:47 -0500

The White Pine version has some new audio codecs in addition to the old
Cornell audio codecs. These codecs require more CPU to compress the audio
so there's a chance your 386 is just not fast enough for those. Try
switching the audio codec back to the old DeltaMod 16kb in audio preferences
and see if that helps.


>Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 12:52:02 -0800
>From: "Sgt Daniel W. Erskine" <>
>Subject: Re: Lost packets
>Message-ID: <>
> wrote:
>> I just downloaded the demo version of White Pine's Cu-seeme. It gives
>> better video performance than CU's version, but audio is worse. It will
>> play choppy sound about two minutes after connection, and will play for only
>> ten seconds. Then it stays quiet for another minute or two. When I look at
>> packet info, I get ten lost packets for every good packet. In addition, I
>> get an error when I open the audio window. I'm running on a 386DX40 with
>> math co, 8 meg RAM, and a 28.8 (neg. to 38.4) kbps modem connection. Any
>> help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks-
> It seems to me that you need to change your transmit/receive values. Try the
>following values and see how they work:
>[Flow Control]
>MaxCap=18 ; Default=80
>MinCap=10 ; Default=10
>UseFlowControl=Yes ; Default=Yes
>PacketLossReports=Yes ; Default=No
>MaxRecvCap=40 ; Default=300
>MinRecvCap=10 ; Default=14
>CurrentRecvCap=0 ; Default=0
>Let me know how you fair,
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