Re: PC/TCP and CU-SeeMe problems

Mark Thacker...Internet Specialist (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:47:46 -0600

Seems as my problem with CU-SeeMe and PC/TCP was a classic one - the
HOSTS file!!!!

In some TCP/IP stacks, a "hosts" file does not get created
at installation time. You must create one yourself. In my case, my
winsock drivers are in the c:\pctcp directory, so I simply created a
"hosts" file using EDIT.

The contents of this file are simple:
yourmachinesaddress yourmachineshostname

For example:
"hosts" contains: pepe

Note that because you define your 'domain' in the PCTCP.ini file, you
do NOT need to supply it here in the hosts file.

Creating this file with this one line solved my problem!

BTW: UT Southwestern provides a public reflector at

Mark Thacker, Internet Specialist
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas