Audio Problem

John F. Keenan (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 21:40:14 -0600

I'm new to the group. I'm a volunteer at a local school and we have just
procured a Quick Connectix camera. It is hooked up to a Macintosh LC 3,
System 7.1 with a T-Base 10 Ethernet card to a LAN. CU runs fine but we are
told that "No audio device attached" when you bring up the audio window. We
have tried both the Quick Cam mic and the one that comes with the Mac to no
avail. We have changed the monitor down to 16 bit grey scale and attempted
the same thinking that it needed more memory to engage the audio input, but
nothing has worked so far. The system has 16 meg of memory. the Version of
Cu is the latest available at Cornell and have d'loaded both types (68K)
and the PPC version as well as the Talk file in the Mac subdirectory. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John Keenan
John F. Keenan
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