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Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 09:03:25 -0800

Jane Doe wrote:
> Can you improve your video transmission quality if you choose a good quality
> camera and a capture board as oposed to purchasing a quickcam for the pc?
> What is the best video capture card for the money for CuSeeMe?

I guess you *could* have better, overall picture quality, but consider how
sending a hi-res picture at 160x120 (with either 16 packed or 256 grays) would
look compared to the same picture at 320x240, or even at 640x480 (same color
pallet as above)! The lower the picture size (scale), the more grainier the
IMHO, for the purposes of today's CU-SeeMe, I would stay with your *cheaper*
video capture products that atleast provide you with *descent* quality at these
lower picture sizes.
Now, for transmission purposes? The quality of your video does NOT affect
the performance of your video transmission, the way I believe your saying. The
only time transmission quality is affected is when you try sending the higher
color pallets (32K, 64K & 16M), as opposed to your lower gray-scales (16 & 256).
Also, transmission is affected by the size of your transmission frames. The
higher sizes (320x240, 640x480, etc.) will *BOG* your B/W BIG TIME and could
bring your ISP to it's knees! BUT... you are safer with the current lower
sizes (80x60 & 160x120) that CU-SeeMe usually use.
Hope I haven't confused you anywhere. If you need a further understanding of
how color resolution and hi-res affect the size and quality of video products,
I can explain off-line, in greater detail (also, I draw fair ASCII diagrams)!

Let me know if you require further info,
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