Audio Problem

Kim, Changsoo (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 10:24:13 GMT

Hi, everyone. I am a new user of White Pine's CU-SEEME.
I can see other visible users and I confirmed that they can see me through

But, I am having trouble to hear sound. I can not hear their voices, and it
seems they can not hear me either. Sometimes, one of the users' status is
marked by two green line, and I can hear someone is talking (in this case, I
can hear, not clearly though). Then, I was trying to talk to him, No

If you experience audio problem like this, or know how to fix it, please
help me.

I found a lot of people's using Chat Window to communicate. Are they using
Chat Window because they can not hear clearly?

Thank you for you help.

My system: Compaq LTE 5100 Pentim 90Mhz, 28.8 bps, 24Meg RAM, Window95