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Dennis J. Streveler (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 16:00:30 -0800

>At 08:31 AM 3/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>SFO 96/03/13 08.26
>>CU-Doodle is a screen capture driver for Windows 3.1
>>Hi Bill,
>>OOPS! Missed that. WIll not run under Win95 (yet)? I am moving from Mac to
>>PC (Win95) and was hoping to have CUDoodle...
>no no works with Win95 also. I use it sometimes, and it's a pretty
>handy capture device. If you have the White PInes version, you have the
>option of choosing from the different "msvideo=", "msvideo1=", "msvideo2=",
>etc. devices. I have the Quickcam, a Captivator card, and CUDOODLE, and can
>choose which one I want to use. It's under the Edit/Preferences/Video section.
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>PC only, no MAC questions, please.

SFO 96/03/15 15.20

Hi Bill,

Tx for the msg. I've fired up CUDoodle, and I must congratulate you on
getting this going. It took some doing to figure out what the mysterious
dotted-boxes were for and how to use them, but I am getting the knack of

Here are some suggestions and reactions from a first-time user:

1. It would be great if one could, during a session, move those
itsy-bitsy-little boxes (capture area, overlay area) without going to
Edit/Preferences/Video; source; then drag. Is it possible to allow the
bounding boxes to be moved via an alt-drag or ??? This would allow a sort
of "pan" of larger objects.

2. My other HUGE wish would be for the "little" boxes to be bigger! (arg)
Would it be possible to allow 2x, 4x ... -size bounding boxes and then
degas them to fit into the available space

2. If "overlay enable" is NOT checked in Capture Format, why show the
overlay bounding box?

3. Concerning the "overlay" mode, I take it that "semi-transparency" of the
mask is not possible (I tried painting some non-black colors in Paint and
they behaved the same as white the same as white-- so apparently it is
binary, either the overlay color is black (capture box does show through)
or it is not-black (overlay box shows through). If semi-transparency were
allowed, one could pick "pointer" colors (for example) which would sit on
top the image, but not cover it completely.

4. The terminology could be tightened up... Perhaps, "Screen Location" is
better than "Source"; "Options" is better than "(Capture) Formats"; "Mask"
is better than "Overlay" (it has an analogy with Photoshop, etc. Or are
most of these choices Redmond's fine work! :( ?

I hope you find these reactions useful. Thanks again for a great
contribution to the CU world!


>>PC only, no MAC questions, please.

Good thing you don't live near Cupertino! :)

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