RE: BIGG slowness problem

Stuart Cartwright (
Sat, 16 Mar 96 08:10:00 UT

I use a 28.8 modem and I've recently had some good experiences, mostly on the
Kent reflector ( where I can get almost constant sound as well as
good pictures. If you are able to upgrade to a 28.8, DO!. It works much
better. Your choice of service provider may make a difference also. I'm in
England and I was connecting through CompuServe but it was tooooo sloooow, now
I've changed to AOL-UK it's much better. Ask people in your area to tell you
if they're pleased with their ISP and perhaps consider switching.


From: on behalf of milk
Sent: 14 March 1996 21:52
Subject: BIGG slowness problem

I have cu-seeme, and am quite new to it. I have a problem though. It is
verry slow, and if I actually get a picture in the designated box, it comes
in incredibly slow. I get a new picture about every minute, and that picture
only fills about half the box with small boxes of image missing. I have a
14.4 modem, and a ppp connection. Does it have to do with my modem speed?
Should I use it only on personal ip#'s, and not reflectors? Thanks! milk