message from completely newbie

Raphael Raphael (
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 18:13:30 -0800

Hello, I'm fourth grade teacher who just began testing CU See Me. Have
only gotten so far as to send video transmission to myself. Hope
eventually to do videoconferencing with elementary schools in Europe.

Is there a basic help guide to assist the complete beginner (Mac user) with
things such as basic CU See ME etiquitte, requesting reflector time,
getting addresses of sites of people to contact, and other getting started

What are the first steps?

(Also, I've read in some e-messages that some have successfully used 14.4
modem; any tips for such users?)

Thank you for any information you can pass to this beginner.

*today's quote -Cd Ifsf OpX (decifer me)

**this week cool site: - (really handy
free/shareware shopping stop)

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