cu-seeme and TIA

Janah (
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 19:23:43 -0500 (est)

I downloaded and set up cu-seeme on my PC. I was not able to connect to
anyone except myself - and that after I had put in an entry for my IP
number in my hosts file.

On close reading of cu-seeme's FAQ, I found out that cu-seeme doesn't work
with TIA, which is what I use.

Now here's the sad part (for me, that is - laugh all you want !):
following this cu-seeme installation and attempted use, all my other TCP/IP
applications have come to a halt!

I use Trumpet Winsock and then invoke "tia" on the UNIX host I've dialled
into. Everything goes fine, but when I try Finger, or Telnet, or Gopher,
or Mosaic or FTP, or Netscape or Eudora - all programs I've used for a
long time without any major hitches - I get no response back from the
contacted machines.

For example, when I try to Finger, the Finger program on my PC
is able to find the correct IP address from my Internet provider's DNS.
It even messages a "connected to <ibmpcug's IP address>. But then nothing
happens. The samething happens with Telnet - I dont get the remote host's
prompt on my screen.

In trumpwsk.ini, my IP address for the TIA pseudo-CSLIP connection was
(and is again - see below)

This matches the entry I had added (at cu-seeme's FAQ's suggestion) for my
machine (I called it "yorkie") in my hosts file. I have now commented out
this entry from the hosts file.

(I had changed the to for a while, following a
[misunderstood] suggestion in the cu-seeme docs.) I had done this both
in the trumpwinsk.ini file and in the hosts file.

trumpwsk.ini now has again
and the hosts file has two comments
# yorkie
# dorkie
that commemorate my failed attempt to run cu-seeme with TIA, yorkie and
dorkie being two attempts at naming my PC.

Please help me run my other applications again.

Arjun Janah <> " The filled vessel makes no sound. "