Raphael Raphael (rraphael@lausd.k12.ca.us)
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 23:22:07 -0800

Dear friends,
I had my first successful venture at CU See Meing. OK video quality, no
audio (using quickcam, mac, and 14.4 mdm ).

A couple questions perhaps some one can answer:
1. How do I open "chat window"?(another viewer asked me to.)
2. what does 1:1 mean (viewer asked me if I'd like to go 1:1) Does this
mean to have private session w/o other viewers?
3. Also how do you get my own reflector site number; from whom is it requested?

Thanks to all the folks who've been so helpful to newcomer.


**this week's cool site: - turn off your computer and look at the sky.

Raphael Raphael
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