Re: PM 7500 and cuseeeme

Adam Skwersky (
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 12:54:22 -0500

I second Ulan's opinion. I've had no problems with OT 1.1

In fact, one COOL feature that I DIDNT know OT had was that
you could run AppleTalk and TCP/IP on different networks
SIMULTANEUSLY. I had Appletalk running on Locatalk through
the printer serial port, and TCP/IP running through my
ethernet drop! Is this COOL or what? It definitely solved
the problems we've been having in our office (supporting two
network structures, blah).


U2 wrote:
> >Any ideas when open transport will be bullet proof?
> [in my opinion] Open Transport 1.1. already is. . . .
> Ulan