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Shure it will work.. In fact, I am using this same configuration, BUT... =
also using white pine=B4s Cu-Seeme. Try it instead of Cornell=B4s and =
you should
have no problem using the RT300.. Regards.

Carlos Labastida
Volkswagen-GEDAS NA
Technical Area/Internet
Xtnsion 4164

>Sent: Lunes 18 de Marzo de 1996 10:05 AM
>Subject: RT300 & CUSEEME
>I tried CUSEEME with VideoSpigot & RT300...
>It seem that RT300 doesn't work cause It has only two types of =
>- Raw video data in YUV format
>- video data compressed with indeo vx.yy
>Indeed CU-SEEME need some kind of paletized video data format.
>So IMHO RT300 won't work with CU-SeeMe...
>Many thanks
>Orlandi Giovanni

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