[*]Re: [Fwd: Re: Trumpet WinSock and Win95]

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 20:42:39 -0600

>>I think email should be divided into area of experience. Someone would
>>have to monitor all the email and classify it as either amateur or
>>experienced. And the email could easily be self monitered by
>>classifying it as PC questions and Mac questions. I know I delete most
>>PC questions before I'm a coulple of sentences into the email.
>>Brian Silverman
>I am tired of downloading all that people's email having trouble with
>Windows 95 and this trumpet winsock and so on. I download all this stuff
>just to throw it away when reading the subject. I agree with you that
>dividing the list into different areas might solve this problem. But where
>make the division? Separate the amateurs from the experienced? Only the
>experienced could help the novices in solving their problems! But I could
>never help a Windows user in configuring his winsocks and all this stuff.
>So I think dividing the different platforms as you also mentioned is
>better. But since this divorces the CU-SEEME community there should be a
>common list for all this general and social concerns.
>Roland Bruecher
>e-mail: rob@nuernberg.netsurf.de

There were some suggestions last year that we add a [M], [W], [R], or [*] to
the beginning of the subject lines to show that the message was a MAC,
Windows, Reflector, or *Generic message. I tried to remember to do that
myself, but forgot to often. I have done so on this message, and will try
to remember in the future to do this. It was a good suggestion, and at
least this would allow people to delete all of the messages right from their
in box without having to open them first. With Eudora, which is what I use,
I still have to download all of the mail first, so this really doesn't do me
that much good. Besides, I still read most of the MAC email also, just to
see what's up.

There was also some talk about a usenet news group for this, but not enough
people were interested. If I remember correctly, I think Michael Sattler
said that he would be willing to maintain it. At least with a newsgroup,
you could look at any message that was related to the platform that you use,
without having to take the time to download all of the other stuff, but then
again, you might miss something important if the subject wasn't worded

Then again, sometimes people talk about platform specific stuff AND generic
stuff all in the same message, so how would you label messages like that? I
basically agree with Roland, but so far the single mailing list still seems
to be the best way to handle it. Also remember that If you don't need any
more help, you could always unsubscribe from the list. If you like to help
people, like I do, then I guess you will just have to put up with the way
the system currently works.

As far as MAC or PC bashing goes, I think if you went back to the CU mailing
list archives at
http://www.jungle.com/CU-SeeMe/all_archives.html you would find that
Macintosh users have almost as much trouble as PC users. The MAC is not
QUITE as easy to use (re:plug and play) as most MAC people would like you to
think. I'm not aiming this at Brian, or Roland, or anyone else in
particular, but just talking in general. It would be nice if we could all
just be a little more tolerant of the problems of others and not brag about
how good our own platform is, or complain about the other.

Well, I can dream, can't I? :-)

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
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