Fwd: BOOK: "MBone: Interactive Multimedia on the Internet"

Megan Kirst (gvsi@ix.netcom.com)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 23:32:52 -0800

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Subject: BOOK: "MBone: Interactive Multimedia on the Internet"

>>Unsolicited plug: this is a great book! I recommend it for anyone interested
>>in using the MBone. Besides providing a thorough overview of key topics,
>>Vinay's chapter "System Administrator's Guide to the MBone" covers a lot of
>>advanced concepts and tools clearly in one place.

>>Kumar, Vinay, _MBone: Interactive Multimedia on the Internet_, New Riders
>>Publishing, Indianapolis Indiana, 1996. ISBN 1-56205-397-3.
>>(U.S.) Library of Congress QA76.76.I59K85

>>Of course Vinay's page is at http://www.best.com/~prince/techinfo/mbone.html
>>New Riders is at http://www.mcp.com/newriders
>>List price on the back $32 USA/$44 Canada/29.49 UK

>>I'm making a public recommendation because the book is a tremendous resource
>>that has not been discussed much on the lists. I found it very useful.

>>all the best, Don



A couple of other great books about videoconferencing are:

"Videoconferencing the Whole Picture" by Toby Trowt-Bayard, "Internet TV With CU-SeeMe" by Michael Sattler

Both of them are avalible by calling 1-800-909-4784 are sending an email to GVSI@aol.com