Re: ADMIT configuration of Reflector Version 4.00-B3.
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 09:18:43 +0100

>I have set up Reflector Version 4.00-B3 in both the IRIX operating system a=
>the Solaris operating system. The configuration is essentially the same on
>both machines. My problem is with the ADMIT configuration. On the IRIX
>version, ADMIT works as expected -- those who attempt to connect from a
>non-admitted IP address get my brief message included in the configuration
>file. On the Solaris version, though, those outsiders don't get that messa=
>but instead get the "No response from ..." message. Has anyone else had th=
>problem with the Solaris version?
Bill, All,

Yes, I had that problem with a SunSparc 20 running Solaris. Something about
the ADMIT string that it didn't like, if anyone could explain this I'd
appreciate it.
However I now run reflectors on both Solaris and IRIX and have decided not
to include the ADMIT string on either.