Dennis J. Streveler (strev@mobius.net)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 08:42:43 -0800

>There were some suggestions last year that we add a [M], [W], [R], or [*] to
>the beginning of the subject lines to show that the message was a MAC,
>Windows, Reflector, or *Generic message. I tried to remember to do that
>myself, but forgot to often. I have done so on this message, and will try
>to remember in the future to do this. It was a good suggestion, and at
>least this would allow people to delete all of the messages right from their
>in box without having to open them first. With Eudora, which is what I use,
>I still have to download all of the mail first, so this really doesn't do me
>that much good. Besides, I still read most of the MAC email also, just to
>see what's up.
>There was also some talk about a usenet news group for this, but not enough
>people were interested. If I remember correctly, I think Michael Sattler
>said that he would be willing to maintain it. At least with a newsgroup,
>you could look at any message that was related to the platform that you use,
>without having to take the time to download all of the other stuff, but then
>again, you might miss something important if the subject wasn't worded
>Then again, sometimes people talk about platform specific stuff AND generic
>stuff all in the same message, so how would you label messages like that? I
>basically agree with Roland, but so far the single mailing list still seems
>to be the best way to handle it. Also remember that If you don't need any
>more help, you could always unsubscribe from the list. If you like to help
>people, like I do, then I guess you will just have to put up with the way
>the system currently works.
>As far as MAC or PC bashing goes, I think if you went back to the CU mailing
>list archives at
>http://www.jungle.com/CU-SeeMe/all_archives.html you would find that
>Macintosh users have almost as much trouble as PC users. The MAC is not
>QUITE as easy to use (re:plug and play) as most MAC people would like you to
>think. I'm not aiming this at Brian, or Roland, or anyone else in
>particular, but just talking in general. It would be nice if we could all
>just be a little more tolerant of the problems of others and not brag about
>how good our own platform is, or complain about the other.
>Well, I can dream, can't I? :-)
>Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
>Squeek on Undernet IRC
>Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe
>PC only, no MAC questions, please.


I strongly recommend that we start a newsgroup. It is really the ONLY way.
Then the messages will be archived and available for search (via deja-news
and other newgroup search engines). Might save the SAME question being asked
100 times!

Anyway, surely there is enough need for such a group. Why, there is ONE
group for CUSeeMe already: it is alt.sex.cuseeme ! Maybe we can just
take over that one! :)

I would be willing to act as co-moderator for the newsgroup if you, or
another person here, would also co-moderate. Any takers? IMHO, CUSEEME


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