Of sound card and microphone matching...

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.ca)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 11:43:43 -0500

The microphone have been discussed here before in term
of quality but I don't think anyone should be concern about
broadcast sound quality over the net yet. On the other hand
the simple matching or selection of a mike appears not that simple.

1)The mike input impedance on SounBlaster is generally 600 ohms.

2) Mikes, on the other hand, come in basically 3 categories:

A) dynamic, more expensive, good quality, bigger, low output voltage
low impedance
B) electret, quite good, low cost but need a buitin amplifier/impedance
matching electronic with a battery.
C) piezo, cheap, high output, low quality, high impedance.

Mike A) will do fine but It must be kept almost against your mouth
for proper level. In Win95, you do not have the luxury of multiplying overall
gain by x2, x4 or x6 as in WFW).
Mike B) is small, nice but the card microphone input does not
provide DC for the electronic and batteries are easily forgotten ON and
last only 200 hr !
Mike C) presents a big impedance mismatch and may not work or may
not be available anymore.

Question: B) would be the best solution if it was not for the battery life.
Can a Sound Card be modified to provide the DC needed ?

If not, is there an other solution ?


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