[Mac] Video option grey -

Gary Cunha (gcunha@draper.com)
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 11:51:09 -0500

Hey all -

I hate asking for spoon-feeding, but I really am stuck.
Before I jump off the roof, has anyone battled this one before?

Performa 638 (68040 66 MHz), came with video and TV tuner cards. (Apple,
I presume).

CUSeeMe doesnt' recognize my video signal. I've gone to the pulldown menu
under the local-video window, but the "video" option is greyed out. I
downloaded SpigotVDIG extension hoping that this would help make the video
signal form my card be visible. Still, the video option in the pulldown
bar under the local video window is greyed out.

Other info: Sony 8mm Cam-corder, connected to Mac via RCA plugs. Video
works fine with other apps...

Options: A different extention perhaps... Go buy a Connectix camera....
Jump off the roof....

I've used CUSeeMe alot, just not on my home machine via modem.

Thanks for any insight...

- Gary C

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