Re: Enhanced CU-SeeMe

David O. Bundy (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:18:16 -0500

Yup we are home but just a little tired :-)

We just got production rolling last week with version 2.0.1 as it's base
and you all should be getting them now. We delayed production a bit to
get the bug fixes in from 2.0.1 instead of 2.0 which was the cause for delay.

Hope that helps!

You will always be able to get the newest off of our Web Site.

Dave B.

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>>Subject: Enhanced CU-SeeMe
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>>Has anyone received the latest CU-SeeMe from White Pines? I faxed my order
>>in the last week of February and never even got a confirmation. I have
>>emailed them twice with no replies.
>Same here. I sent an order, including my credit card info, and have heard
>nothing. Am wondering if anybody's home?
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